Because going somewhere magically creates 80 extra hours in the day, right? Ranked in order of Should Have Left At Home-ness.
  1. Box of unopened mail
    I ceremoniously open all mail sent to my house in the last week of the year.
  2. Box of unread GQ Magazines
    I ceremoniously unwrap all the GQ magazines and then throw them away in the last week of the year.
  3. Box of liquor
    "I stopped drinking this year - here are 15 partially-consumed bottles of liquor. Merry Christmas!"
  4. Six Jackets
    Have yet to wear a coat this year. Excited for the first opportunity! I brought 3 The North Face, 2 running, 1 fleece, and 1 denim jacket.
  5. Yoga mat
    So much yoga to practice.
  6. Acoustic guitar
    So many new cover songs to learn.
  7. Camera + Lenses
    So many photo essays planned.
  8. Podcast setup
    So many podcasts to record.
  9. Movie Screeners
    You guys feel like an unreleased movie? How about 17 of them?
  10. Three Novels
    I'm almost done with James Baldwin's "Another Country" - as soon as I finish it, I'm apparently going to read "Loving Day" by Mat Johnson and "City on Fire" by Garth Risk Hallberg. More than 1400 pages in all. No big deal.