I've probably logged more than 10,000 miles running in Los Angeles. That sounds super weird. And made up. And obnoxious. But I just did the math and think it's more like 14,000 miles, which is very, very obnoxious. Anyway, here are my favorite ways to run LA:
  1. The Strand, Manhattan Beach
    Gorgeous run along the beach on a wide, paved path with surfers at sunrise, locals and coffee in the morning, the beach crowd midday, or the setting sun at dusk. From El Porto, run south - it's 2mi to the MB Pier, 3 to Hermosa, 4 to the Redondo wall. Bonus: out and back on both piers adds 1mi ea way. Double bonus: the path picks back up after the Redondo Pier and goes all the way to Torrance Beach (Where The Sidewalk Ends). Park in the El Porto lot, or if it's busy, up Grand Ave in El Segundo.
  2. Elevado Blvd, Beverly Hills
    A serene jog past mansions and 100' tall palms. It somehow feels like a secret, tucked away from the chaos of the major streets to the north (Sunset) and south (Santa Monica). Start at Doheny and run to Whittier. Roundtrip is 4.5 miles. Bonus: head south (take a left) on Whittier and west (take a right) on Wilshire and run up the hill, past the Los Angeles Country Club. Turn around at Comstock... or Beverly Glen... or the 405. Street parking is everywhere.
  3. Runyon Canyon, Hollywood
    Run. Up Fuller, through the gate, and straight, up the East Trail. Turn around at the lookout (before the stairs), run back down, take a right to go up the West Trail. Stay on RC Rd to the IG lookout that connects the two sides of the trail. Turn around, go back to RC Rd, head north towards Mulholland. Cross Mulholland, up Pyramid Pl. Stay on Pyramid until it dead-ends. Turnaround and retrace all steps (to both lookouts) for a 6miler. Bonus: from Pyramid, follow Montcalm down to the Valley.
  4. Holloway Triangle, West Hollywood
    My other favorite hill run. No real intersections, just 180 degrees of lovin'. Start at Sunset Plaza, head west on Sunset Blvd. Take a sharp left at The Place That Used To Be Red Rock, before Horn Ave, and hug the corner onto Holloway. Take a left on La Cienega. Power up the hill, take a left on Sunset. That's a mile. Repeat to your heart's desire. Bonus: easily combined with the Elevado run above - skip the Holloway turn and continue on Sunset. La Cienega to Whittier and back is great 8 miler.
  5. Rose Bowl, Pasadena
    Sights include: Game Day, Flea Market, Golfers, Soccer Matches, Very Serious Cyclers, Coyotes. The loop around the Bowl is almost exactly a 5k (3.1miles), with just enough incline to make things a great mix of challenging and relieving. Bonus: there are a number of trails that shoot off from the Loop - on the north end, the trail to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory can easily become a 12 or 14 mile out-and-back. Parking is almost always free and easy.
  6. Pier to Park, Santa Monica
    Start at the Santa Monica Pier and run north on the paved trail. To Will Rodgers Park is 4mi. An easy add-on is to head south to Venice - Boardwalk chaos starts about 1.5mi south of the SM Pier, and the turnaround at the Venice Pier is another 2mi south. Bonus: start at Ocean and San Vicente and run the Bluff to the Pier to the Park. Bonus Bonus: Add the SM Stairs. Bonus Bonus Bonus: Add a few mi on the romantic San Vicente median. Park on a beautiful street called Georgina, just off Ocean.
  7. Stadium to Sea, Los Angeles Marathon Course
    I've run the new LA Marathon course once, and I did it solo after missing the race itself. Park in Santa Monica (see above) and take the bus (or Uber) to Dodger Stadium. The entire course is here: http://bit.ly/1K5JL8a - it's awesome to see the city transition on a run through DTLA, Echo Park, Silverlake, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Santa Monica. If you don't want to do the entire 26.2 miles, the Run-Back-To-Your-Car plan is always a fun one.
  8. Treadmill in a Heated Yoga Studio
    This is my holy grail. One day...