1. Little league dads who have to sit in the dugout
    You're not a coach and you can barely play catch. Sit in the stands dude.
  2. Clapping when your kid strikes out or when the other team scores on you
  3. Wearing excessive sun screen in the stands during sunny days when it's 60 degrees out
  4. Moms who score the game, track every pitch and at bat
  5. Umps who are too controlling... Having kids tuck in their shirts, telling kids exactly where to stand while pitcher warming up
  6. Coaches who argue with umps over anything
  7. Coaches who encourage their kids to take pitches so the kid can get a walk
  8. Moms who keep yelling, "get Baseball Ready!"
    When did this term make our vernacular?
  9. Coaches who give bull shit advice to the batter
    "Okay choke up now. Take a practice swing..."
  10. Umps freaking out every time a bat is lying outside the dugout like it's a stick of dynamite
  11. Time limits on the games even when the Away team gets an extra at bat