1. Staring at people while at the stoplight. Whoever looks away first loses (I always win).
  2. Attempting to walk straight along a line in the pavement for as long as it goes.
  3. Flipping to the correct page in a book on intuition.
  4. Guessing correctly which side of the elevator the buttons are located on.
  5. Matching my steps exactly to the rhythm of my music.
  6. Going to NASA's ISS live stream and guessing which part of the earth you're over.
  7. Typing in such a way that you press all of the keys for a word in quick succession, unlike normally where you keep a normal rhythm for each letter.
  8. Blinking and visualizing what you just saw in your head.
  9. Opening doors using obscure parts of the handle where the germ density is lower.
  10. Counting your steps when going up/down stairs and trying to remember how many there where when you return to those stairs.
  11. Finding the perfect target in the urinal where the sound and splash back is minimized.