Some of these teams I love. Some of these teams I like. Some of these teams I have no idea why I want to see them win.
  1. Glasgow Celtic FC
    My first love. Like all first loves they break your heart and let you down. But you'll always love them regardless.
  2. Manchester Utd
    When I was a young lad growing up in Scotland it was traditional to have an "English team". Man U had a scots manager and an absolute genius in Eric Cantona. Easy decision.
  3. Boston Celtics
    Purely because the name is like Glasgow Celtic.
  4. NY Jets
    No idea why. Since I was a kid I wanted to see them win. In my 35 years I've not seen it happen much. GO JETS!!
  5. Albion Rovers FC
    Perennial losers and historically one of Scotland's worst football teams. Who doesn't love the underdog?
  6. Philadelphia Flyers
    My brother loves them. I don't know much about hockey so trust his judgment.
  7. Geelong Cats
    Australian rules football - A mans sport. Geelong Cats - A mans team.
  8. New York Cosmos
    They had Pelle, George Best and Eric Cantona. Enough said.