Decider posted a list on their top 100 films of the 2000s. It's actually a great list. A good mix of Oscar faves and fan favorites. Here is their list, So I set out to do one of my own. Then I realized I have a full-time job. So I did a top 5, which was nearly impossible...
  1. Anchorman
    This was incredibly difficult! So this top 5 is all about movies I LOVED and thought they did something completely unique in the subject they tackled or the movie industry in general. I had to separate them somehow? Why Anchorman then, you say? EVERY line of dialogue is funny in this movie. Ok, you say. Airplane and Naked Gun were like that. Agreed. But not this absurd. It just stands out. Nobody really even tried to copy it except Anchorman 2. Milk was a bad choice!
  2. Birdman
    Brilliantly acted and directed movie that looks like it was shot continuously, except when the plot shifts dramatically. Dark comedy, oh yeah. Ambiguous, controversial ending, oh yeah. Not for everyone, but definitely for me!
  3. Bridesmaids
    Women are funny! No shit. It took Hollywood until this 2011 film to figure it out. Melissa McCarthy is a revelation and Kristen Wiig should have gotten a best actress nom for her performance(one day Hollywood will realize comedy is just as difficult as drama)
  4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    I for sure know NOTHING about love. Less than most. And let's face it, most of you don't know shit, either. But one thing all of us that have seen this movie can agree on, is, that this movie is the most accurate description of love and heartbreak EVER made.
  5. The Dark Knight
    They keep making superhero movies!!! Even though they will NEVER top this one. It doesn't feel like a superhero movie. It feels real and it tackles real issues like terrorism and government surveillance under the cloak of Batman's cape. And oh yeah, Heath Ledger's Joker is beyond bad-ass! Best acting performance of all-time in my opinion.