New to this app and stoked to start making lists. Hi! - Makoto
  1. Scout Regalia is our design office. We design interiors, spaces, products, and furniture.
  2. Ben and I met at architecture school. We had adjacent studios and tried to pretend we didn't notice each other but we totally did.
  3. We are obsessed with our dog. Her name is Penny, aka #pennythescout. She just learned how to wave while being a bear.
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  4. Everything we make is made in the USA. Sounds cheesy and cliched but it's super important to us. We wouldn't do it any other way.
  5. Running a small design office is super fun, challenging, and rewarding, but can also be super scary and full of self doubt (this will be a whole other list on it's own).
  6. Lists Rule Everything Around Me. LREAM