Today was awesome. -Makoto
  1. Figure out where to go to dinner
    A very hard decision that generally consists of us asking each other "I don't know, what do YOU want to eat?"
  2. Chat about major things on the way to dinner
    Like marriage equality. Race. Inequality. Opportunities. Life. Love. You know. Small stuff
  3. Immediately order fried mac n cheese balls at Fred 62
    Ultimate comfort / celebration food.
  4. Walk to Skylight books
    The art and design annex. Always.
  5. Ice cream at Jenis
    I don't know if the listeria outbreak scared everyone away, but it wasn't that crowded. If we can't get Ithaca's Purity Ice Cream in LA, this is the next best thing
  6. Take a weird way home and get lost in Franklin Hills
    The Shakespear Bridge should be renamed the Twilight Zone 4th Dimension Bridge to the Unknown
  7. Play fetch with Penny
    She's a Belgian Malinois so she OCD outs on playing fetch. So we do that. A lot.
  8. Watch so much TV for the rest of the evening
    Guy Fieri. Alaska Bush People. Food Factory.
  9. Bed by 10:30
    Because we're old.