One super exciting part of moving to our new space is that we have a full on shop where we'll be doing all the woodworking for our products. Here's some of the best places where we find lumber and wood products. Suggestions welcome! -Makoto
  1. Bohnhoff Lumber
    There are literally rows of birds and atleast 3 cats who live in the offices here. They also stack their hardwood in a way that the pieces you want are always at the bottom and you have to have them forklift it all to get to it. But they have the best hardwood selection in LA. IMHO.
  2. Anderson Plywood
    Best source for plywood, and decent lumber and hardwood as well. Always a super friendly staff and a great team to take any cut sheets and cut up your plywood in whatever sizes you need.
  3. Home Depot
    No joke. They have decent dimensional lumber. At prices you really can't beat
  4. Stock lumber
    This place always surprises me. They have giant board feet of standards and exotics. Prices are a bit high but the selection is always pretty great
  5. The Reclaimer
    We rarely, if ever, work with reclaimed wood. But if you're looking for a good source, the reclaimer is the best. Out in Tarzana
  6. Rockler
    Mostly for hardware, tools, and equipment. They have great finishes in stock as well