Just came back from a whirlwind trip to Japan. It's been 13 years since I was last there! -Makoto
  1. Culottes are SO IN.
    The below the knee type that look like skirts. yes I bought a pair.
  2. New Balances are IN
    Def the hot sneaker
  3. Crocs are OUT!
    I feel like they must have had a surge at some point bc some people are still wearing them
  4. Classic tan trench coats are IN
    Actually brought mine and felt slightly less like a Neanderthal hobo.
  5. Everybody looks put together.
    No dirty/ old/ tattered clothes. Inspiring!
  6. Women over 30 do not wear short shorts.
  7. Hair is a big deal
    Wearing a pony tail or not dying your hair means you give up on life.
  8. Workout wear is NOT street wear
    Unless you call 3" chuck taylor heels workout wear
  9. When in doubt, dress like an Other from LOST.