All this news about Clifton's reopening had me thinking about our favorite old school places to eat in LA. @LAmag- would love to see a list by you guys about this! -Makoto
  1. Dal Rae
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    Where they still make Caesar salads at your table. And they have a super old school menu which includes banana flambé and cherries jubilee. ALSO SHOUTOUT FOR BEING IN PICO RIVERA!
  2. Clearmans Northwoods Inn
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    One of my favorite restaurants in LA. Multiple locations but the one off the 5 is the best. It's like Frontierland meets Claim Jumper in a brothel. Also. Their oversized menus are in the shape of giant kettles. And they have "cheesy butter" and serve two salads (blue cheese and a vinegary cabbage) with each entree.
  3. Pacific Dining Car
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    I've only gone during fancy client meetings a few times, but love it. Also went once at an ungodly hour while at grad school because I wanted some fancy meal and ITS OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY!
  4. Taix
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    When we lived in Echo Park we could walk here. Easy. Cheap. Delicious. Soup and salad specials. Soup served table side. AKA "French Denny's". Frequent meet up place with @laure and @JEFF.
  5. J Tranis
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    Just discovered this place when we moved to San Pedro. So much charm. So local. Lots of politicos and union heavies meet up here. Plus. Who doesn't love indoor neon signs.
  6. The Prince
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    I think a ton of episodes of Mad Men were filmed here but I just remember it as the Korean restaurant in the old school interiors. With bell service.
  7. HMS bounty
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    Surprisingly great food and chill vibes for being in such a cool part of K town. My mom remembers it as the place across from where Bobby Kennedy was shot. I remember it as the first bar I went to when I was way underage.
  8. The Proud Bird
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    Known for their brunches but I've only been to banquets here! Almost closed a few years ago but people rallied to keep it alive. Also. It's a plane museum so there's that.
  9. Special commendation award to The Buggywhip, which no longer exists
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    Green goddess dressing! The meanest old lady waitresses! RIP airport adjacent 405 convenient restaurant
  10. Damon's
    A tiki themed steak house in Glendale where they mix your salad at the table and the walls are lined with palm fronds! I went there with my gramma in the 80s!
    Suggested by @laure
  11. Tam O Shanter on Los Feliz. Prime rib is fine. It's been there for 100 years!
    Suggested by @sharris
  12. Du-Par's
    Apple pie there is the best. Check out City Scholar @chrisnicholsla list of old favorites--he knows them all.
    Suggested by @LAmag
  13. The Tallyrand
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    Suggested by @shirleykurata
  14. The smokehouse
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    Suggested by @shirleykurata