A holiday tradition- The Twilight Zone Marathon! - Makoto
  1. Little Girl Lost
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    The thought of falling into the 4th dimension and being stuck in a wall...the root of serious phobias, and maybe the root of my interest in architecture?
  2. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
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    I still check the wing of the plane when I'm on a flight.
  3. Talking Tina
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  4. Time Enough at Last
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    Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis is everything. Literally.
  5. To Serve Man
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    Spoiler alert: those aliens want to eat you.
  6. The Masks
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    Mardi Gras fears (only if you're a gold digging douchebag)
  7. Long Distance Call
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    I clearly remember never wanting a toy phone because I was scared that I would talk to dead people.
  8. The Eye of the Beholder
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    Plot twist! The ugly people are normal and the model types are the ugly ones!
  9. The Midnight Sun
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    Always think about this episode during those brutal LA heatwaves.
  10. The Fever
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    A good watch before going to Vegas.