How Our Dog Adjusted to Moving

Still drowning in boxes but we've escaped Echo Park and landed in San Pedro. Was really curious to see how our dog Penny would react to the move and adjusting to the new place. I think she handled it fine. -Makoto
  1. Watching you pack is exhausting.
  2. I'm so tired of moving.
  3. That tape dispenser is TOO LOUD.
  4. All your stuff is gone. Let me take a nap.
  5. Is this our new place? Wake me up when you're done.
  6. No seriously, can I take a break please.
  7. This room is TOO BRIGHT in the morning. We need blackout curtains ASAP.
  8. Wait. There's fig trees in the back? Sure, you can feed me one.
  9. I think I like the new place. Let me sleep on it.