It's been almost a month since we moved here and here are my observations so far. -Makoto
  1. It's super windy
    That coastal living!
  2. Everyone has outdoor pet birds
    Seriously. Every other house on our block has some sort of parrot, parakeet, or finch in a cage in their front yard. Should we get one now too?
  3. So much pizza.
    Counted 5 mom and pop pizza stores on an 8 block walk. Have already tried one place that specializes in "happy rolls" which are like Italian burrito calzones. Favorite so far is Bonellos (happy rolls) and Phillie Bs (fresh calzones!)
  4. So little irony
    Our past life in echo park meant being surrounded by irony. Way less of it here.
  5. Tweeker quotient
    So high. Literally and figuratively. Is it meth? Speed? Bath salts?
  6. But I'm completely in love with this place
    And want an outdoor bird.