AKA future TED talks. Scout Regalia since 2008. Worrying since 1978. -Makoto
  1. Am I making the right decisions?
  2. Is this project worth taking on?
  3. How do I stay inspired?
  4. Why didn't we get hired?
  5. Will people be interested in this product/ project/ space? Or it's it only interesting to us?
  6. What's our next project?
  7. Are tradeshows worth it?
  8. How do we stay on trend without being trendy?
  9. Do people take us seriously?
  10. Do people not take us seriously enough?
  11. What if I was meant to do something else, like work for the CIA?
    Add to the list of A Few Facts About Me: I almost worked for the CIA instead of going to architecture school. But I wasn't ready to give up my dual citizenship for the final interview. This was pre 9-11 and I was already specialized in studying international terrorism. So yea. Sometimes I think about that.
  12. Do these color ways suck?
  13. Is my small biz making enough money to stay open?
    Suggested by @jennienina