Our new Scout Regalia Headquarters are in San Pedro in an old bus depot. We moved both our office and work spaces into one big live work space. Here's a list of self imposed rules to help adjust. -Makoto
  1. Try not to work all the time
    That doesn't mean you can't work at weird hours of the day, and it doesn't apply when you're on a crazy deadline. But in general, if it's 7pm and if it can wait until tomorrow, shut down and call it a day.
  2. Have a very clear separation of live and work spaces
    We specifically decided that all the front rooms and bus depot garage spaces will be dedicated to work spaces. Our living room is a rear bedroom and we sleep in another bedroom in the back. The spaces for live and work feel very separate this way. That's a good thing
  3. Take time to leave the compound
    We only moved in last week, but we realized that we haven't left the house for lunch at all. We decided the other day to get out for lunch. It's important.
  4. Resist the day nap
    The struggle is real. But unless I'm sick or I am taking a day off, I won't let myself take a nap in the middle of the day.
  5. Make meals
    But making meals is a great way to take a break. And eat something good and healthy!
  6. Turn the office phone off at the end of the day
    Lesson learned when an east coast client called at the start of their day WHICH IS 6 AM IN LA.