Stuff We Found While Packing

Leaving Echo Park after 8 years. So many random things tucked away in this tiny house-Makoto
  1. Old Zagat Guides
    Hey millennials. There was this thing before yelp...
  2. Lamar Odom rubber duckie
    Um. Because?
  3. Baby Ts from the 90s
    Yea. Lots of these.
  4. Papers from grad school
    I was SO SERIOUS about architectural theory. Spoiler alert. This thesis said nothing about everything.
  5. Super important documents
    Like diplomas. Car titles. Passports. Birth certificates.
  6. Old photos with local newscasters
    That's me! With sportscaster Rob Fukuzaki! In 1996!
  7. Piles of old sketchbooks
    So many.
  8. This was just our bookcase and garage. So stay tuned!
  9. This book about benches and street furniture