Leaving Echo Park after 8 years. So many random things tucked away in this tiny house-Makoto
  1. Old Zagat Guides
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    Hey millennials. There was this thing before yelp...
  2. Lamar Odom rubber duckie
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    Um. Because?
  3. Baby Ts from the 90s
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    Yea. Lots of these.
  4. Papers from grad school
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    I was SO SERIOUS about architectural theory. Spoiler alert. This thesis said nothing about everything.
  5. Super important documents
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    Like diplomas. Car titles. Passports. Birth certificates.
  6. Old photos with local newscasters
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    That's me! With sportscaster Rob Fukuzaki! In 1996!
  7. Piles of old sketchbooks
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    So many.
  8. This was just our bookcase and garage. So stay tuned!
  9. This book about benches and street furniture
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