We're moving at the end of the month to San Pedro. A little negative reflection. -Makoto
  1. Agro frat boys/ Dodgers fans
    We live up the street from the Shortstop and El Compadre. So Friday and Saturday nights are like frat party city on our street.
  2. Drunk guys peeing in front of your house
    It happens a lot.
  3. Drunk girls peeing in front of your house
    This happens a lot too.
  4. Rising rents
    Our friend was looking into renting a 1br apt in Echo Park Silverlake and couldn't find anything decent for under $2,200. FOR A ONE BEDROOM. cmon now.
  5. Closing restaurants
    When I heard Alegria on Sunset closed this past weekend, I knew we made the right decision to leave EP.
  6. $6 coffee
    I love good coffee. But when the guy at Dinette tells me that they don't have non fat milk because "that shit kills you and you shouldn't drink it anyway," and then I pay him $6 to serve me a coffee drink I didn't really want...well shame on me but fuck that shit.
  7. People who don't know how to park on a hill
    So many bumpers bumped. Use your e brake and ease into it. It's really not that hard.