Moving to a new space in August! As with all big decisions with life and work, FREAKED OUT BUT EXCITED. - Makoto
  1. It's a former bus depot
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    Built in 1933. Meaning the garage has huge ceilings and will be an amazing new woodshop. Plus this gravity fire door.
  2. We will have a Packing Room
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    The dream of any small business owner who has to do their own packing and shipping. It's a room exclusively dedicated to uline boxes, dunnage, and paper tape. And it's completely separate from all the sawdust from the woodshop. I'm pretty sure nobody has ever been so excited about this than me. ALSO THIS ROCOCO MADNESS
  3. The kitchen is larger than our current apartment
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    So many plans for pie baking and pasta making.
  4. San Pedro
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    Not the Westside. Not South Bay. Still in the City of Los Angeles. Busiest shipping port in the United States. The terminus of the 110 freeway. AND SO MUCH PIZZA.
  5. Monterey style balcony
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    That cantilevers across the entire front of the building. And is larger than our former apartment in Brooklyn circa 2006
  6. A new studio space
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    I'm sure if we find the perfect studio space that serves all our needs now and forever, I would never want to move. But the reality is, spaces get stale, your needs change, and your business (hopefully) expands. Moving to a new space means new quirks, new inspiration, and new perspectives to old things. I'm so excited for the much needed newness to our work and our lives. I will miss this is tiny office but so ready for a new space!
  7. Designing new shit for our space
    So much of what we design is inspired by where and how we live. I can't wait to start making new products, pieces, and other things for our space.
  8. PS. OUR CURRENT STUDIO IN GLASSELL PARK IS AVAILABLE STARTING 08/01. Email me at makoto (at) scoutregalia (dot) com if you're interested!