Things We Saw at the Taylor Swift Concert

@laure and I saw Taylor Swift last night and we are still floating from the incredible experience!We also saw so many awesome things besides Taylor. -Makoto
  1. Olivia and Meredith
  3. Best friends with matching outfits, 20 something edition
  4. Best friends with matching outfits, tween something edition
  5. Matt LeBlanc and Chris Rock
    Dads of the year
  6. @lenadunham and other girl squad members talking about unity, support, and friendship.
    And making me cry
  7. A sea of matching LED bracelets
    It really created a sense of unity and individualism in a stadium of 15,000
  8. Duet of White Horse with Uzo Aduba
  9. This crazy hydraulic stage.
    Full hyper lapse on our Instagram
  10. This guy who wore LEDs like a stick figure
  11. HAIM!
    @laure My mind is still processing that drum circle sister jam!
  12. HAIM shredding it so hard and imprinting a powerful female rock god archetype onto 15,000 forming identities.
    Suggested by   @laure
  13. Taylor talking to me personally about self doubt and not being what someone else's opinion of me is (like a real listapp-er).
    Suggested by   @laure