@laure and I saw Taylor Swift last night and we are still floating from the incredible experience!We also saw so many awesome things besides Taylor. -Makoto
  1. Olivia and Meredith
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  3. Best friends with matching outfits, 20 something edition
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  4. Best friends with matching outfits, tween something edition
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  5. Matt LeBlanc and Chris Rock
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    Dads of the year
  6. @lenadunham and other girl squad members talking about unity, support, and friendship.
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    And making me cry
  7. A sea of matching LED bracelets
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    It really created a sense of unity and individualism in a stadium of 15,000
  8. Duet of White Horse with Uzo Aduba
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  9. This crazy hydraulic stage.
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    Full hyper lapse on our Instagram
  10. This guy who wore LEDs like a stick figure
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  11. HAIM!
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    @laure My mind is still processing that drum circle sister jam!
  12. HAIM shredding it so hard and imprinting a powerful female rock god archetype onto 15,000 forming identities.
    Suggested by @laure
  13. Taylor talking to me personally about self doubt and not being what someone else's opinion of me is (like a real listapp-er).
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    Suggested by @laure