Ways We Celebrated Our Dog's Birthday

She turned 3, which is 21 in dog years! -Makoto
  1. We had a dinner party planned but everyone was late
    Bringing back childhood anxieties of nobody showing up to your birthday party
  2. But then her K9 BFF arrived!
    His name is Razzor. He's also a Belgian Malinois. they love each other.
  3. There was a piñata filled with dog treats and toys
    Shaped like a soccer ball
    For the humans. Not the dogs.
  5. Toys were gifted which she promptly destroyed.
    Thank you and I'm sorry @iWorkDogs
  6. I drank an entire bottle of wine and stayed up until 3 am talking to friends. I haven't stayed up this late in years.
    Even the dogs got tired of hearing us ramble.
  7. We all woke up the next morning slightly hungover. Which is exactly what 21 in dog years should feel like.