Weird days call for weird food choices. -Makoto
  1. Shiitake and cheese breakfast taco
    Started the day normal enough, but I had to eat my taco while muting a conference call. 🔕📞
  2. Bag of mini chocolate chip cookies
    Frantically eaten while I answered emails 📩, put together orders from our online store 📦, and contacted the North Central Animal Shelter about a dog 🐺
  3. Costco cheese pizza slice
    Had to go to the bank to close our account because of some persistent fraudulent activity. 💸 What better way to alleviate that stress than parking at costco and waiting 20 minutes in line for your $1.99 slice that should just be called a flat calzone. 🍕
  4. 7-11 brand cream filled cookies
    After the bank I went to my alma mater to donate some books 📚, and then to the shelter to pull a dog for the Belgian Malinois rescue that I volunteer for 🐺. There was lots of running around and driving around town. So 7-11 cookies to the rescue. 🍪
  5. Krispy Kreme donuts
    KIDDING! Was thinking about it as I drove on the 5 from PALMDALE 🚗 where I dropped off the dog to his foster home. May as well have topped off the day with some hot and fresh donuts, but please, I'm watching what I eat. 🍩