Monday thoughts. Things I wish people told to me when I graduated from architecture school. -Makoto
  1. That everyone cares about design
    They don't. It doesn't mean they don't like you or what you do. It just means that design isn't a priority for them. This is about 99% of all Americans.
  2. Six figure job offers
    Dream on, dreamers!
  3. Five figure job offers
    I kid. Sort of.
  4. A social life
    You just shut out your friends and family for years while you pulled all nighters to detail that corner that nobody noticed. You were a shitty friend. It will take time to rebuild those relationships.
  5. That people give a shit about how Pre-Raphaelite painters and binary code influenced the window and door schedules of the suburban gated community you're working on
    They don't.
  6. Unlimited design development time
    Remember how before thesis, you had a thesis prep course where you got to explore a gamut of ideas for an entire semester? Well, that still happens, but pretend your semester is about 2 weeks long.
  7. That everything should be designed
    There is design in everything, but that doesn't mean everything has to be designed. You'll figure this one out as you get older.