1. I believe that if you take care of your character, your reputation will take care of itself.
  2. I believe that in karma in the sense that when you add good or bad to the environment you live in, it alters that environment for the better or worse.
    I'm speaking in terms of your relationships, your community, etc. Your social environment, if you will.
  3. I believe that the series finale of Dexter was the worse ending to a great TV series possible. Including Lost.
    A shame, really. It was my second favorite show of all time.
  4. I believe people in Florida are the worst drivers in the country.
    Wearing diapers, Huggies or Depends, is God's way of saying you shouldn't be behind the wheel.
  5. I believe in a thing called love.
  6. I believe in taking pride in your work.
    I also happen to believe in earning a living ethically. Not always common in my industry, but I'm proud to work for a firm in which it is.
  7. I believe that no matter how many flavors Doritos creates, nothing will ever beat Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.
    Okay, Spicy Nacho Cheese is better than Nacho Cheese, but that's not so much a different flavor as it is an improvement on the original.
  8. I believe that Tim Tebow did not get a fair shot in the NFL.
    I blame Rex Ryan.
  9. I believe Casey Anthony killed her daughter, Rachel Dolezal is white, and Drake never started from the bottom.
    O.J. guilty too, y'all.
  10. I believe Disney owns a piece of my soul.
  11. I believe comedies were much funnier in the 90s. You know, when Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and others ran things. And it was about more than Seth Rogan's weed habit.
    Also, Adam Sandler was actually funny back then, too.
  12. I believe Wendy's is hand down better than McDonalds or Burger King.
  13. I believe both In-n-Out and Chik-fil-a are better than all three of the above.
  14. I'm partial, but I believe that we Marines truly are the greatest branch of the Armed Forces.
    That being said, I respect and appreciate all services members from all branches.
  15. I believe your circumstances don't dictate your outcome, only your starting point.
    I overcame extreme adversity and a nearly hopeless situation to eventually succeed and enjoy this life I love.
  16. I believe impossible is nothing.