Back to back brainstorming sessions make us hungry.
  1. Clementines
    The packaging is biodegradable and easy to remove.
  2. Crudités and hummus
    You can't go wrong with more vegetables.
  3. Cool Ranch Doritos
    You'll die before they do.
  4. Cape Cod potato chips
    Because all other potato chips really do pale in comparison.
  5. White or blue tortilla chips, no salsa
    Salsa would just get in the way.
  6. Trail Mix
    Because you can't always decide between sweet and salty.
  7. Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups
    Because chocolate and peanut butter are two great tastes that go great together, even when you're stranded.
  8. A cheese platter
    Apparently, this particular island has refrigeration.
  9. Nachos
    And this one has an oven. Or a microwave.
  10. Chex Mix
    Variety is the spice of life.
  11. Sparkling water
    It's a snack, right?
  12. Skinny Pop
    Because you always want to rock a bikini, even if you're by yourself.