1. It's not "UNtruth-y."
  2. Don’t worry, no one was talking to you.
  3. Scratcher 1: You’re smiling! Scratcher 2: I’m making a big effort.
  4. I’m not good at class participation.
  5. These pants are all about the buttons.
  6. It’s like putting a robot on top of a piece of toast – it makes zero sense.
  7. It’s such a bad name, but such a good cheese.
  8. No! Ok, that is what I said.
  9. I brought another blanket because the other one didn’t match.
  10. Wait, let me get my food so I don’t murder people.
  11. He said yes, because he's afraid of me.
  12. It's the opposite of a dream catcher.
  13. This is like child's play compared to what's coming.
  14. I'm like a splinter.
  15. I don’t need to know how to build the clock, just tell me what time it is.