OVERHEARD IN THE OFFICE, 12/21/15-12/25/15

  1. I'd have to ask someone who is not me.
  2. Scratcher 1: This is the weirdest thing. Scratcher 2: Really? The weirdest?
  3. What is that? Is that music?
  4. Nothing says festive like a red skirt.
  5. It's a hat off. I think he won.
  6. She dances to the words, not to the beat of the song.
  7. It's a dark hole that I love.
  8. Those toast like a champion.
  9. Your opinion counts on occasion.
  10. Scratcher 1: Did you do your homework yesterday? Scratcher 2: No, because I was very busy doing nothing.
  11. He's a fun weirdo.
  12. You missed it earlier when I looked insane, even for me.