1. The aliens were cool. (CNET)
  2. Confused and hazy. (L'Osservatore Romano--the Vatican daily)
  3. The film ultimately runs up against the limitations of its own nature. (rogerebert.com)
  4. Describing the movie is perilous. (The Guardian)
  5. It's ensnared in its own nostalgia. (The Atlantic)
  6. Aimed squarely at anyone who was worried that the Force was asleep on the job. (The New Yorker)
  7. It won't save the world. (The New York Times)
  8. It doesn't pass the torch so much as it uses the Force to call it from across the room. (Buzzfeed)
  9. Stormtroopers are the iPhones of Star Wars. (Fast Company)
  10. How is it possible that the Resistance doesn't have a map of the galaxy? (Salon)