Online Branding Tips Every Screenwriter Should Know

Creating a solid, standout online presence is a great way to interact with industry leaders and build buzz for your screenplay!
  1. Take a professional headshot
    And use the same picture for all of your social media accounts and profiles!
  2. Make your social media accounts public
    Public accounts are more easily discoverable and have a better chance of being noticed by others in the industry!
  3. Join an online screenwriting community
    Facebook groups, Twitter chats, and other online communities are a great way to connect with fellow screenwriters.
  4. Build a website
    A website makes it easier for people to find you, follow you, and hire you. Wordpress and Squarespace are both cost-effective DIY website options!
  5. Create an email newsletter
    Add a newsletter signup box to your website so your fans can sign up to be notified of new work and upcoming screenwriting projects!
  6. Be yourself
    Let your unique personality shine through your posts and profiles online!