To major in English is to major in life, love, beauty, and well-crafted BS. We may all be cafe baristas, but we're self-aware baristas, and we'll always spell your name correctly. Here are ten who found a different path.
  1. Bradley Cooper. Sexiest man alive. BA English, Georgetown.
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  2. Mark Knopfler. Guitarist and singer in Dire Straits. English, University of Leeds.
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  3. Kane. Professional wrestler. English Literature, Northeast Missouri State.
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  4. Michael Eisner. Former Disney CEO. BA English, Denison.
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  5. Sally Ride. Astronaut. BA English and BS Physics, Stanford.
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  6. Paul Simon. Garfunkel's pal. English Literature, Queens College.
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  7. Robert Herjavec. Shark. English and Political Science, New College (Toronto).
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  8. John Cho. Mr. Sulu. English, UC Berkeley.
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  9. Amerie. Musician. English and Fine Arts, Georgetown.
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  10. Anna Faris. Mom. English, Washington.
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