In no particular order. Also, more than 3.
  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    The reveals. No lie, I catch something new from Wilder every time I watch this. A quote, a quip, a glance. Every time. And I watch it a lot.
  2. The Village
    People don't get this movie and usually never talk to me again after I insist on its importance. The violin. The courage in so many spots. The hands. The hidden protagonist.
  3. Children of Men
    Best line: "It's not working." From despair to hope, no more no less. Doesn't get much better than this.
  4. In Bruges
    Redeeming those beyond redemption. And that music. And that scenery.
  5. Star Wars: A New Hope
    I know everyone loves Empire. But that image of a golden man wandering across the sand... simply epic. Oh and spaceships.
  6. Chasing Amy
    I seriously believe watching this in high school made me become a better person. A confused, foul-mouthed better person.
  7. Science of Sleep
    Best line: "And all those types of ships." We don't give our dreams the eminence they deserve.
  8. Shoot the Piano Player
    Another one with amazing music. And maybe the best and earliest example of my favorite style of storytelling: breakneck shifts from sad to hilarious to absurd and back again.
  9. Wizard of Oz
    Best reveal of all time. The songs. The point: the answer was with you all along. Why was another movie ever made?
  10. Play It Again, Sam
    Love Woody in this. Bogart as his imaginary friend. Love imaginary friends.
  11. Jurassic Park
    I wanted to be Goldblum 20 years ago.
  12. Star Trek: First Contact
    Best English accent whisper shout of all time: "The line must be drawn he-ah!" And that moment with Data when he confesses how long he considered betraying everything he believed in. Oh and spaceships.
  13. Stagecoach
    Even though this movie is old as shit it still makes me laugh. And so it also makes this list.