Memories of Birthday Parties Past

  1. β€’
    1st birthday: i dont remember anything
  2. β€’
    2nd birthday: i also dont remember
  3. β€’
    3rd birthday: .... thank God for photos & videos because i remember nothing
  4. β€’
    4th birthday: my cousins from the States visited, so i remember that to be very fun!!! Also my first birthday party with my little sister 😻 I invited my favorite teacher at the time, and she gave me a really cool storybook as a present.
  5. β€’
    5th birthday: ...???
  6. β€’
    6th birthday: i just remember my mom let me write in my invitations to my friends 🌸
  7. β€’
    7th birthday: I was a princess & wore a little gold gown πŸ‘ΈπŸ½
  8. β€’
    11th birthday: swimming party with some close friends & a crap ton of relatives
  9. β€’
    13th birthday: my friends & I went to this interactive museum hehe knowledge is always fun
  10. β€’
    14th birthday: another swimming party with friends & a bunch of relatives!!! + @jessacosta visited the PH SO YAAAAY That made it so much more amazing
  11. β€’
    15th birthday: yes... another swimming party with friends & relatives LOL
  12. β€’
    18th birthday: a slumber-themed party with a bunch of friends πŸ’–
    This was my fave because it was planned within a month, and by me & a couple other friends β€” adult-free planning ftw πŸ™ŒπŸ½