My Favorite Emojis and Why

  1. 😸
    Its smize makes it look so much more genuine!!!! Plus aw it's a cute cuddly lil cat
  2. 💁🏽
    It's the closest emoji to a hair flip
  3. 💕
    BEC THERE ARE TWOOOO HEARTS Instead of just one and ah they look so cute
  4. I like sparkles
  5. 😻
    Googly eyes + kitty = BEST
  6. 😽
    I guess it's clear that I prefer kitty emojis over human ones. Usually paired with the two-heart emoji (😽💕) = THE KITTYS GIVING U SO MUCH LOVE!!!
  7. 🦄
    Need I explain further
  8. 🌸
    I love flowers 😻
  9. 🌞
    It's such a pretty looking sun
  10. 💸
    This emoji is 100% my money 100% of the time. It hurts but it's the truth
  11. ©
    Idrk it just looks very cool to me