Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This guy bullied me into kissing him back in pre-school but it doesnt count
  2. But ahhh the real one is of my favorite stories because the events leading up to it were hilarious
  3. This happened a few nights before Pope Francis visited my university
  4. He was telling me that he felt iffy about the Pope visiting the Philippines, especially with the whole religious war we're having in the south. Naturally, I panicked & grew insanely paranoid because of the crazy possibilities
  5. I started babbling about how young we still are, how much I haven't done yet, and how much I want to continue living!!!!!
    PS this guy knows that I havent kissed anyone yet & that it's on my bucket list
  6. Somehow he got me to calm the fuck down, and we started talking about God and our religion etc
  7. I remember saying that I am a faithful person, but I'm not religious. Like I love God and I trust Him so much, but the church...??? Not so much
  8. And this guy's super passionate about how the church is hypocritical and all, so we were totally on the same page
    PS i like this guy & idk we've been.... flirting-ish in school??? Hahahhhh
  9. But then I regress back to my panic state
  10. And he ends up asking me if he could give me my first kiss
  11. In which I also panic because I was a total and complete mess
    Physically: my hair was a total tree and I havent even brushed my teeth yet Emotionally: i mean, the guy i've liked for around, 6 months?? just asked me if he could kiss me 😳 of course i went ballistic
  12. Then okay I finally calm down again and I told him I trusted him
  13. And after several attempts
    Like he's lean in, but I'd turn away bECAUSE I WAS SO SCARED LIKE OMG WHAT IF I SCREW UP
  14. It happened
  15. Yay 😸