Honestly I should just write down all her songs, that's how great her songwriting is
  1. "Oh well I'm not well again, and once more darkness it descends. The ground is falling under me, and I can't find the means to leave."
    - darkness descends
  2. "And why are you so sad? Why are you always so sad? Why do I not understand? Why don't I see what it is you see? Why can I live and just be? I'm full of guilt."
    - My Friends
  3. "When we were young we belonged to someone and that was easy."
    - Easy
  4. "It should have been you but it was anyone, you see, I never miss my chance to run."
    - How Can I
  5. "I cannot be tossed and turned in this way, I'm not your tiny dancer."
    - Little Love Caster
  6. all of "Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)
  7. "There was a time of weeks I thought dogs barked at me And I, and I had lost my mind."
    - Pray for Me
  8. "Dear lover forsaken Our love is taken away [...] Dear lover forgiven My love is driven by rage."
    - Night after Night
  9. "Why did you run from everyone who only tried to love you, Rosie, only tried?"
    - Little Bird
  10. "He lies, he lies so sweet that I choke."
    - The Beast