Ranked so
  1. Montana
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    Livingston & Glacier National Park are amongst my favorite places in the world. This was the cherry on top of my 3 week camping trip.
  2. Wyoming
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    Jackson and Grand Teton National Park also top my list. ️GTNP is absurdly beautiful, if you haven't been, it's an absolute must.
  3. Colorado
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    Stumbling upon a bear about 50ft from us in Rocky Mountain National Park and continuing to hike a quarter mile alongside him was one heck of an experience...
  4. Puerto Rico
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    Doctor ordered humidity, to cure my Sphenoidal Sinusitis. This little slice of heaven is so accessible from the east coast, planning to make this an annual weekender.
  5. Connecticut
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    Fall in New England 💗 And my dear friends wedding
  6. Wisconsin
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    Beautiful fall destination and the population [we encountered] is so happy and friendly. Trip with family to visit extended family.
  7. Illinois
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    Chicago. Too short a visit.
  8. New Hampshire
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    (x2) Again, fall in New England 🙌 and a winter getaway with friends
  9. New Orleans
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    Birthdays galore.
  10. Nevada
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    Vegas. Nearly destroyed me. The bride-to-be certainly provided an unforgettable weekend.
  11. Georgia
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    Atlanta, for work.
  12. North Carolina
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    Family visit.
  13. Pennsylvania
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    Family visit.