Hey fans! As my first list I thought I would share random photos in my phone so that you can learn about me! I will close my eyes and scroll and then pick a random photo! I promise to keep it random and not to choose certain photos to make me look cool or not post embarrassing photos!
  1. Omg what a great first pic! This is my friends and I on a day trip in Chicago! I love going to museums!
  2. Woah! Haha weird! I don't know why this is in my photo roll! I don't like hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't post it but uh I guess those are the rules!
  3. Omg so cute! This is a pic of me and my friend Alex seeing Santa last year! What was so funny was that it was a bunch of kids in line and then us! Hahahaha
  4. Okay this is getting weird! Trust me I DONT like hitler! One of my friends must have pulled a prank and saved a bunch of pictures or something. Weird! I have such crazy friends! I am so going to prank them back after this!
  5. Hahaha what a silly pic! This is a picture of all my roommates/housemates! That was such a great day!
  6. OMG WTF I really want to adhere to the rules and pick photos randomly but this is getting crazy! I love Jewish people! I have been to five bar mitzvah!
  7. Guys I am really sorry!!!! Hitler killed like a lot of people and that's so not okay! idk why I have this many photos of him THIS IS GROSS I SWEAR IM NOT LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE
  8. Okay fine I guess I'll just say it...I think he's kinda cute! Hahaha I'm so random you guys!