Since The Roadchip and Chipwrecked were such major successes in the past few years, Hollywood might as well keep this franchise going for as long as they can. These are some of the ones I would like to see in the near future.
  1. Pulp Chiption
    These little guys may not spend too much time together, but as their individual stories of hamburgers, boxing, and gimps intertwine, you know it will be a fun time for all. #DoesHeLookLikeAChip?!
  2. Titanchip
    One of the highest grossing films of all time rebooted with an all chipmunk cast! Move over, Ghostbusters, we've got something even MORE progressive than some chicks fighting ghosts.
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Chip
    Turns out, all along, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore have all been spies and never told each other. But now they are hired to kill each other. And then the girl chipmunks come into play and it all gets out of hand.
  4. Chiplash
    This could be a fun how-they-all-met story where they all go to the same music school and have teachers that are a bit more intense than they bargained for. I will definitely be "rushing" to the theaters to see this one!
  5. The Blair Chip Project
    Parents, you might want to leave your kids home for this one. This one might be a bit too scary for them with evil chipmunks and all.
  6. The Secret Life of Walter Chippy
  7. Little Chip Sunshine
    This quirky tail (tale) of three little chipmunks traveling across the country to perform one of their favorite songs at a pageant would at least draw a dedicated indie crowd.
  8. Mission: Chippossible
    What haven't Alvin and the gang gotten into? Secret agent spy stuff. But that might be pretty cool to see. Why not?
  9. Chippy Chippy Bang Bang
    Three chipmunks driving a car through the sky and stuff. That would at least break even right?
  10. Lilo & Chip
    Maybe Disney wouldn't allow this but it's worth a shot. I mean, if all the rest of these get made and people are still showing up.
  11. My Chipster's Keeper
    Hmm... On second thought, maybe not a great idea.
  12. Chipler's List
    Ok, I'll admit I really went on way too long with this list. But in my defense, isn't that what Hollywood has been doing this whole time with all of the reboots and sequels? Just cramming the same thing down our throats over and over until they realize there hasn't been a new Spider-Man movie in three years? I'll apologize for this list as soon as I get an apology from whoever made the Shrek movies.