I've been challenged with ranking all seven colors. However, I don't know what spectrum of colors I am ranking. Usually, colors can be considered in groups of six, eight, or twenty-four. But seven? I'll give it a shot.
  1. 7. Blue
    The color of sadness. To hell with you!
  2. 6. Purple
    Or is it called violet? I don't know. You just earned yourself a number six spot for being indecisive.
  3. 5. Green
    Go to hell, Vegans.
  4. 4. Yellow
    A very striking color, but it just doesn't work in a lot of situations. A yellow car looks killer, but you'd look like a bozo in yellow shoes.
  5. 3. Orange
    Great color, good fruit, bad word to use in a rap song.
  6. 2. Red
    Red goes with anything. It really grabs your attention. Stop signs, blood, and HIV Awareness all use this color to let you know what's up!
  7. 1. White
    Because duh!