All the dudes in Hollywood that mean absolute dick to me

Just boring people who I never care to see anything they're in because they're pretty uninteresting.
  1. Nicholas Hoult
    Perfect way to start this list. First off, What a weird face! He's one of those guys who kind of just mysterious enough to be appealing to women, but so dull that he's entirely outshines by the wonderful talent of Ryan Gosling.
  2. Tom Hiddleston
    He was the lead in Kong Scull Island and honestly, I felt like he was barely in it. Or maybe I just lost focus during all of his appearances on screen. And what does he have besides that? Some uninspired Marvel Movies?!
  3. Martin Short
    Before you start to think that this list is a bunch of hot guys and that I'm just jealous (its not, where are Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds),here's this guy. Honestly, I'm more repulsed by this rat than bored. His stupid voice and face make me hate him.
  4. Andrew Garfield
    I could actually see him leaving this list someday. If I ever get around to seeing Hacksaw Ridge or that 3 hour Silence, maybe I'll change my mind. But with nothing but a few snoozes and a mediocre superhero reboot under your belt, here you wait.
  5. Jared Leto
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch
    Your name is the only thing excited about you. I don't understand why everyone is always talking about you. You look like if Beeker from the muppets turned into a human and got eye reduction serger to fit in, but went too far. Also, most of these guys have done some lame Marvel movie so far.
  7. Seth Meyers
    How does this hack, unburdened with personality, manage to have a semi-successful late night talk show without resorting to dumb games and viral content like the lame James Gordon or the awful Jimmy Fallon?
  8. Zachary Quinto
    Who even are you? You're mostly on here because I'm supposed to know you, I've seen some of your movies, and yet, I can't recall ever seeing you. Don't Quint-yo day job.
  9. Chris Pine
    After putting in this image, I literally had to go back to my notes to see who this guy was. He's so regular standard looking, he could've been Marco Rubios running mate.
  10. Chris and Liam Hemsworth
    I can't remember which one is which, but ones in the Hunger Games, and the other is in The Avengers. And if some empty blockbusters are all you've got to your name, than I'm not interested. Although, one of them did have that cool motorcycle death in Cabin In The Woods, so that's neat.