Panic! At The Disco albums/Crash Bandicoot PS1 games ranked

I love to rank things in list form but I hate cluttering everyone's feed in the process. So here are two lists put together, and ranked together.
  1. Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die
    Easily my least favorite Panic! album. First, there's the arrogant album title, then there's the real lack of creativity. This was a huge let down. I recently tried to give it a listen, but I honestly could not make it through without skipping half of the songs. That's the easiest last place that I have ever given.
  2. Death Of A Bachelor
    P!ATD's most recent release is not great, but is still an improvement from Too Weird. At this point, it's just Branden Urie's project and the band benefactor is entirely lost for sure. However, I'll admit there are some redeeming tunes, mainly the title song, and Urie has proven his talent in the voice department. But still, we are yet to hear something creative that we remember in the work from the early 2000s. I'll take any Crash game over this album.
  3. Crash 2: Cortez Strikes Back
    Aren't sequels always the worst? Even though this game is pretty fun, it isn't as much of a classic as the original Crash game, and it isn't strong enough to be really great. Just average. But hey, it's still better than two out of five Panic! At The Disco albums.
  4. Crash Bandicoot
    This game may not seem too impressive at first. But, it is important to remember that this game was released on the first generation PlayStation in 1996, way before Branden Urie even started writing songs with Ryan Ross. You gotta give credit where credit is due.
  5. Vices & Vitues
    After the departure of guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker, Urie and drummer Dave Spencer were left to keep this project going. The third album was highly anticipated, much like Crash 2. But unlike Crash 2, it pleased their audience more than most expected. The album is full of catchy melodies and flows from song to song so elegantly. The albums only weakness is that the lyrics on the first two albums were beautifully written by Ross, and Urie is now left to try to compete. Not bad though
  6. CTR: Crash Team Racing
    This is the first racing installment into the Crash series, and the only one to be released on PS1. Racing games have a high tendency to be boring, but this one is pretty exciting, despite being somewhat of a rip off of Mario Kart. No PlayStation game collection is complete without this one. Eat it, Branden Urie!
  7. Crash Warped
    This game was not just an adventure through time and space, one that Panic! could only dream to create, but a subtle nod to the feminist movement. Now, players have to option to play as the beloved Bandicoot sister, CoCo. You go girl!
  8. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
    For a debut album, you really couldn't ask for something more fun and dynamic as this. Full of hits and burlesque themes, Panic! really hit a home run right out of the gate. Even a pixilated Bandicoot should be able to see why this album was, and still is, that close to the hearts of so many.
  9. Crash Bash
    Ditching the adventurous storyline of its predecessors, gamers were able to play as Crash and the gang in a series of mini-games. This is such an advancement for many reasons. It allows multiple people to play the together, like Panic! At The Disco eventually proved they couldn't. Also, this was hours and hours of gameplay with unending chances to improve. This is a A+ Naughty Dog game that they couldn't top until another two generations of PlayStation.
  10. Pretty. Odd.
    After an album like A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, the gang had a lot to live up to on their sophomore album. And the it bravery it must have taken to change everything and release a folk-dance album to a bunch of emo followers. It's no wonder it went under appreciated at first, but there is now way that any other record or game for first gen PlayStation could rank higher than this creative expression. Thanks for reading this, what do you think of my list? How would you rank these? Comment below!