I always get so excited to use the soaps in the bathroom when I get to go to the Reed residence.
  1. Cozy Vanilla Cream
    Always my first choice!
  2. Japanese Cherry Blossum
    Super tasty!
  3. Warm Vanilla Sugar
    Vanilla is great for soaps, what can I say
  4. Creamy Coconut
    So good.
  5. None
    Nothing is better than pissing all over my hands and leaving the bathroom at Wesley and Levi Reed's house without washing my hands. There's no greater joy than touching everything in their house that I can, tv remotes, their younger siblings' toys, their hands, all the food in their fridge, the other soaps listed before, Levi's toothbrush, Wes's DS, the list goes on. No soap is definitely the best soap!