I often joke that if I enjoy a TV show in its first season, it is guaranteed not to be renewed for a second season. My appreciation is a death knell.
  1. FlashForward (2009)
    This show SO could have lasted several years. Of course, it ended on a cliffhanger with the expectation that it WOULD be renewed.
  2. Harper's Island (2009)
    To be fair, this was probably only meant to last one season since all but two characters were killed off Agatha Christie-style by the end.
  3. Surface (2005)
    I think it was too scientific for people, or maybe they just thought the creature Nim was too dorky.
  4. Whoopi (2003)
    Whoopi Goldberg running a hotel. I think it was perceived as being too anti-conservative at a time when President Bush's post-9/11 approval ratings were at an all-time high.
  5. Stark Raving Mad (1999)
    Tony Shalhoub (Monk) and Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, How I Met Your Mother). It was too intelligently funny for most people.
  6. American Gothic (1995)
    I didn't discover this paranormal-ish show until years after its run, but it was pretty good. All nobodies at the time, it starred Lucas Black (later of NCIS: New Orleans), Sarah Paulson (later of American Horror Story), Gary Cole (later of the movie Office Space) and Jake Weber (later of Hell On Wheels).
  7. V (1984)
    I admit, the TV series that grew out of the miniseries probably should not have been made, but I was 10-11 at the time and loved it.