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I'm such a fan of this app. It still has a coveted space on my home screen. And yet it pains me to occasionally check in and see that not much has happened in my feed since last time. Like most things in life, Li.st's strongest attributes are also its greatest weaknesses.
  1. Intelligence is a bit of a prerequisite.
    Remember, this is an app where you essentially need to create your own content to fit a somewhat specific format. Writing is not an easy task for everybody; revisit the syntax/overall technique of the emails from the five co-workers you correspond with the most. A lot of people don't meet the height requirements to get on this ride, and the pressure to "deliver"/hang with some of the best users on here can quite frankly be crippling.
  2. Be gone, video!
    It's important to again reiterate that none of the items listed here are *bad*. Lord knows we all don't need another app to bring terrifying auto play scenarios into our lives. But again, the nearly-exclusive reliance on the written word (a medium that seems to be getting phased out more and more these days) would also seem to throw a pretty hard limiter on the growth of this world.
  3. Exclusivity
    Mainly due to the aforementioned items, the number of inhabitants in this community are a far cry from some of its more popular peers. It's that frustratingly undeniable social media paradox: it gets better when more people come to the party, but people don't want to come to the party until more people have shown up.
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  3. San Junipero
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*A* problem, really.
  1. I think the most annoying thing about the Snapchat era is watching the video taker prod people around them with loaded setup questions.
  2. "Hey (blank), so *what* are we doing now?" And you just see a piece of the person's soul die inside, like "are we really doing this now?"
  3. "Hey, what are you eating?" Motherfucker we just talked about what I was eating before you decided to pull your phone out.
  4. Now granted, I have no first-hand experience to prove that this is a common occurrence. It's all just something I infer from said videos. But I like to think that I have pretty good intuition about these things.
Don't get me wrong - I'm generally satisfied with the straight male experience, would recommend to my friends. But the constant awkward moments I encounter when these subjects are thrust into discussions with my peers? They just gotta go.
  1. Sports
    Don't care about that team/game/player/coach/nothing.
  2. Cars
    Don't care about the way they're built, the ways they can get souped up, tricked out, etc. My interest in vehicles starts and ends with the foundation of "will it get me to my destination?" Maybe slightly interested in speakers/audio system.
  3. Sportscars
    See above.
  4. Car sports
    Y'know, like...NASCAR.
  1. "Do you have any idea what we're up against?"
  2. "I'm trying to find the truth..."
  3. "Just give me a chance!"
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Friends don't let friends stink up the timeline with these hive-like posts. Please join me in examining the worst habits of our society in 2015.
  1. "Dear [insert person who could never possibly see/read this post]"
    The guy who cut you in line at the post office. The woman who is talking loudly on the phone in the restaurant. The parent who is letting their kid run through the store. We already don't want to hear your complaining about a situation that doesn't involve us. But to not only do that, but do so in a played-out passive aggressive display addressed to the ONE person who will never read your status? Get out of here. Grow up and tell the offender to fuck off to their face.
  2. "That moment when _____"
    What about that moment? What are you trying to express? Don't say "that moment when you get to the store but they are all out of donuts" unless you have something to add to the picture you're painting. Just say "went to the store, no more donuts."
  3. "That moment when ____" (Stunt Edition)
    This commits the same misstep as the previous entry, but is even more egregious because it is a thinly veiled attempt to brag about an accomplishment/circumstance. "That moment when you get to go to the Grammys"; "that moment when your favorite singer RTs your photo" "that moment when you find $100 on the ground." Please. Stop. Share your "blessings," but do it in a way that makes me not want to strangle you.
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A few days after her 5 day stay in Los Angeles from South Florida, we fondly look back at some of her best gems.
  1. "Sean, do they have school zones here? Where you have to drive slower because kids are getting let out of school?"
    Not only was she unsure if the safety of children is valued equally in other states in this fine country, but she also felt that she should break down what exactly the term means, in case the concept is so foreign that I have forgotten all about it.
  2. "...do you have any tattoos?"
    I've told my mom about pretty much everything that has ever happened to me that might be of interest to her. How she would think this might be a reality is inconceivable to me.
  3. "This does nothing for me."
    Said after hearing a few select cuts off of a Grammy-nominated album on which her first-born son contributed. I never have to worry about her being dishonest with me.
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  1. I'd examine the television so I could determine where it was getting its source of power.
  2. Once I found said power source, I would follow the cable or wire until it led me to an outlet or power generator.
  3. Upon arrival, I unplug the television and plug in my Apple iPhone 6 Plus until it is fully charged. Should circumstances be truly dire, I charge to 30%.
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