1. Tetris on iPhone
    Just a quick round. "Quick" meaning at least 20-30 minutes. If I inexplicably "die" early, I'll start another round because that didn't count. Also: when you get a Game Over in Tetris, *is* it actually a "die?" This doesn't feel correct.
  2. Finish a Podcast
    For many tasks, one could assume that I would be able to listen to a podcast WHILE working. Most of my work is either writing or involves audio, so this is rarely an option.
  3. Tetris + Podcast Combo
    Well, if I'm going to finish this podcast, I might as well play Tetris while doing so.
  4. Post-Podcast Tetris Round
    If the podcast ends and I'm still playing, I need to finish the round. Additionally, I may opt to take one more round afterwards just to round things out.
  5. Check Instagram
  6. Check Facebook
  7. Check Twitter
  8. Check Email
  9. Check Instagram
  10. Check Facebook
  11. Let just check Instagram again
  12. Do I have any new emails?
  13. Make a List on a Brand New App