I'm such a fan of this app. It still has a coveted space on my home screen. And yet it pains me to occasionally check in and see that not much has happened in my feed since last time. Like most things in life, Li.st's strongest attributes are also its greatest weaknesses.
  1. Intelligence is a bit of a prerequisite.
    Remember, this is an app where you essentially need to create your own content to fit a somewhat specific format. Writing is not an easy task for everybody; revisit the syntax/overall technique of the emails from the five co-workers you correspond with the most. A lot of people don't meet the height requirements to get on this ride, and the pressure to "deliver"/hang with some of the best users on here can quite frankly be crippling.
  2. Be gone, video!
    It's important to again reiterate that none of the items listed here are *bad*. Lord knows we all don't need another app to bring terrifying auto play scenarios into our lives. But again, the nearly-exclusive reliance on the written word (a medium that seems to be getting phased out more and more these days) would also seem to throw a pretty hard limiter on the growth of this world.
  3. Exclusivity
    Mainly due to the aforementioned items, the number of inhabitants in this community are a far cry from some of its more popular peers. It's that frustratingly undeniable social media paradox: it gets better when more people come to the party, but people don't want to come to the party until more people have shown up.
  4. No Trump
    Imagine how terrible for our lives/great for app exposure it would be to have that guy rambling without 140 character limits? CNN would have to create a new weekly program in which they round up and unpack the latest POTUS lists.
  5. Very little (if any) high fructose corn syrup
    Yes, by now we're all aware that consuming high fructose corny syrup is so bad for you, but it also makes things taste so much better! And the last time I tried to eat this community it was pretty flavorless.