Tat Ideas

  1. Hexagram ball, small-medium on forearm
  2. Coordinates, 3 most meaningful travel spots; side back forearm (Amst train station, Bondi beach; budapest mineral pools; ...)
  3. Quote, possibly in diff language, possibly own hand writing (In the end love); inside flowers
  4. Temple wrapping foo lion
  5. TG 2"x2" in italics, JWW small
  6. Clouds surrounding all
  7. Wei wu wei, detailed characters, forearm in view, small
  8. Rhino, prob very small, light shaded, in view..? Next to flowers
  9. Habiscus or most beautiful flowers, small-medium; back of elbow, and around and down?
  10. three jewels of taoism, in jewel form
  11. Skinny road bicycle outline