1. I don't want to.
    I mean...
  2. I don't care what happens in the Minor Prophet books of the Old Testament.
    I took a competency exam on the OT yesterday. It was awful. It was painful. I actually did pretty well, but whatevs!
  3. It's not like studying right now will make much of a difference.
    So why not wait?!
  4. I have better things to do.
    Like pretend that I have better things to do.
  5. I actually did study already.
    I didn't. But whatevs!
  6. I would rather be learning about something applicable to my life.
    'Cause you know life all about what I want. #not.
  7. 'Cause I would rather eat my own vomit.
    Well, maybe just when it comes to studying Hebrew vocab.
  8. I could just do it later.
    Or like never...
  9. I seriously don't want to.
    Like you can't understand. But you can. It's just that you ~like~ can't. "Like can't," you know?
  10. I really could care less.
    And the fact that I "could care less" means that there is some faint reason to actually go and study...