1. Was the vocab in the intro text thingy always this basic?
  2. When John Williams provides more interest than the plot does.
  3. Fin: Best dramatic and comedic physical performance that I've seen in years.
    Seriously. there were moments when he expressed himself through the stormtrooper suit.
  4. Disney made everything anthropomorphic.
    It's nauseating. And sacrin. #disneymagic.
  5. Why are people obsessed with talking about how Carrie Fischer looks?! #irony
    Her performance in this is better than more than half of these children.
  6. I've heard people say the plot is basically the same as "A New Hope."
    Does the fact that I can't argue either way mean that I should rewatch "A New Hope"? Or the entire saga? #somethingtododuringeasterbreak.
  7. Adam Driver is BA AF.
  8. Patricide. It runs in the family.
    But seriously: has anyone ever asked what George Lucas' problem with dads and dad figures is?
  9. Is this plot (and the plot of "A New Hope") lowkey reminiscent of the Zola story?
    With Jarret as Han Solo.
  10. John Williams.