1. this one.
    A2ddd377 7ec7 44a6 9265 dc9eb27ff931
  2. really don't know how I got this one on my phone.
    0a4b7293 1845 4b52 9ecd 18e7660513c7
  3. this one really confuses me
    00b52a96 8bdf 40d1 8f8e 891ba9aa8105
  4. sometimes I think some reverse hacked my phone and put pictures on it, like this one:
    A36072ce 8d6e 41fc a71a f4e7da4b704d
  5. I know why this one was on my phone and it makes sense.
    3f26e244 44f4 4fdd 88f1 590f95e88ab9